In Genesis chapter 37 Joseph dreamed 2 dreams about God’s plan for his life. He told his dreams to those who knew & were close to him but instead of celebrating him and encouraging him they were jealous and plotted to destroy him along with his dreams.

Nothing has changed today from thousands of years ago. Yeshua said that a Prophet is not welcome in his own home town. The clique won’t accept you unless you kiss their butts or do what they do so they definitely won’t promote you & those who are doing nothing want you to do nothing too. So they won’t celebrate you but they’ll instead try to hurt you. Learn who’s who and keep it moving, they’ll need you before you need them!

Fortunately for us Dreamers; God is not concerned with or detoured by the plots and attitudes of Haters. Joseph obeyed God and was a person of Integrity, so nothing his Haters did stopped him from Becoming who God had Predestined him to be: NOT THE PIT, NOT SLAVERY & NOT PRISON! All that Joseph endured were just DETAILS of his God-Given Destiny.

Ref: Genesis chapters 37 & 39-45