Church Goers go to church, church programs & functions regularly & on special occasions. They live normal non-productive lives, never living their God-purposed lives. They follow worldly principles instead of living Biblical Principles.

Kingdom Citizens don’t just go to church; We are The Church / Ecclesia! We live God-Purposed Lives everyday. Influencing & Impacting everyone we encounter with the Good News of The Kingdom & taking Dominion in our God-Appointed Territory. Tearing down walls of Racism, Injustice & Oppression for the Glory of God!

God’s Kingdom is God’s way of doing & being right: The Governing influence of a God Appointed King / Priest / Leader over his / her assigned territory; impacting it with God’s personal will, purpose and intent; producing a culture, values, morals, & lifestyle that’s reflecting the Kings desires and nature for His citizens.